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DeLaval volumtary milking system VMS offers you a way of life not commonly found using traditional milking methods. In fast changing times when increased productivity is at the centre of all discussions, you have the freedom to choose how to use your time better and improve your daily life.

VMS Benefits include
The unique teat preparation process, where each teat can be individually cleaned with warm air and water, stimulated, pre-milked and dried before milking.
Only a few seconds are needed for optimum teat sanitation which results in high quality milk and better milking capacity.
The DeLaval VMS On-Line Cell Counter OCC takes a sample from the VMS and accurately counts the somatic cells and reports the results clearly as cells/ml of milk. The farmer can then precisely identify acute mastitis cases and closely follow-up on sub-clinical cases.
The extreme duty stainless steel design of the VMS allows you to milk non stop, looks attractive and delivers loads of added value and features.
The exclusive hydraulic robot arm sets the VMS apart from other robots, its unique design allows more cows to be milked, and provides extended reliability and reduced service requirements when compared to pneumatic systems.