Our dairy section is the original core of our Business. It has operated since 1934, and things have certainly changed since then. Our team now consists of a full time salesperson, 2 installers, and 2 certified milking machine testers, as well as two mobile salespeople who sell and distribute dairy chemicals, rubberware and consumables for the Dairy Industry.

We are the longest serving DeLaval dealer in the Southern Hemisphere, and are proud of this association with a company that is known for the quality and reliability of its products all around the world. By being an authorised DeLaval Dealer, we are able to supply, install, service and maintain the complete range of DeLaval equipment, including the latest in Milking Machines, Electronic Pulsation, Cup Removers, Herd Management, Milk Meters, Automatic Cleaning Systems and Bulk Milk Tanks.

We offer a Milking Machine Testing Service whereby we can test your machine for performance and compliance to standards, and can suggest ways to get the best out of your Milking Equipment. Our trained service people carry a large range of spare parts in their fully equipped vehicles and a range of loan equipment to keep your machine running with minimal down time.