There has been a lot of talk recently about our environment, and just how fragile it really is. And with the growing cost of Electricity and Fuel, there has been a lot of interest generated in alternative fuel sources.

Solar Energy, or energy from the sun, is just one of these alternatives.

In the pumping industry, Electricity is generated by the use of Photovoltaic (PV) cells. This electrical energy is then used to drive high efficiency positive displacement pumps for both borehole and water transfer applications.

Solar pump units are low maintenance and are particularly useful in remote pumping situations where mains power is unavailable and engine drive pumps are not an option due to cost or remote location.

We have a range of solar pumping solutions available for your individual application, from reputable brands such as Mono and Grundfos. Please contact us, and we can work out a solar solution that is best for you.


Grundfos Solar

The very existence of people, livestock, and crops depend largely on a plentiful supply of clean water. The innovative, state-of-the-art SQFlex lends nature a helping hand by providing both water and the power needed to fuel the pump system in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply non-existent or unreliable.

Please contact us with your pumping requirements and we can advise you on the best model to suit you specific application, or click on the link below to visit the Grundfos Pumps Website.

Mono Solar.jpeg

Mono Solar

Solar powered water pumping systems have been developed by Mono Pumps to pump water from boreholes, wells, lakes or rivers where electric or diesel power is unavailable or unreliable.

Reliability is the corner stone of a Mono Pumps Solar system as they are designed to operate without any human interference in the remotest parts of the world. A Mono Solar Pumping system can run for years without maintenance.

Plug and socket connections make installation quick and easy. This simple, robust design ensures service and maintenance requirements are minimal, saving you time and money.

Optional features such as Mono’s patented GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) Tracking system guarantees the solar panels are always facing the sun. Providing maximum water flow when needed.

Mono Solar Pumps are designed for the harsh conditions and are particularly suited for use in Australia to meet the needs of rural water supplies, livestock and irrigated agriculture.